HOPE COUNSELING CENTER. Outpatient counseling is provided to assist individuals with mental health issues. Services are designed to allow individuals to receive treatment within their communities while working and living at home. Referral to rehabilitation programs is also offered. To contact us at the outpatient clinic, please E-mail us at outpatientmh@consortium-inc.org.

SEEDS OF HOPE. The program offers a combination of psychiatric rehabilitation services, peer support services and outpatient treatment services. Services are consumer driven, emphasizing four pillars: Community Integration, Family Inclusion & Leadership, Peer Culture/Peer Support/Peer Leadership and Recovery Planning.  The Consortium is also encouraging a holistic approach to care, so we will also be including an emphasis on the Wellness of individuals. Services can be delivered either on site or off site in the community.  This offers our members many more opportunities to learn to further integrate and find natural supports in the community. We will continue to support the many individuals in program who are already working, pursuing their education and/or in vocational programs, while encouraging and supporting those individuals just beginning their quest to do so. contact us at partial@consortium-inc.org.

ADULT BLENDED CASE MANAGEMENT. The Resource Coordination Unit provides assistance for adults with serious mental illness who have mild to moderate difficulty in social, job-related, or daily living skills. All referrals must be made and approved through the Philadelphia Behavioral Heath System. Contact the Resource Coordination unit for more information at rc@consortium-inc.org. Intensive Case Management provides case management and crisis intervention services to specified individuals with severe and persistent mental illnesses. The unit uses a community support model for consumer care and assists with medical, financial, and housing needs, as well as mental health issues. All referrals must be made and approved through Philadelphia Behavioral Health System. Contact us at icm@consortium-inc.org.

MOBILE CRISIS UNIT. The Mobile Crisis Unit is designed to handle psychiatric emergencies for individuals 18 and older and for businesses located in the West Philadelphia area. Services include but are not limited to: on-site evaluations, arranging voluntary and involuntary hospitalization, and crisis intervention. Referrals come from Mercy Crisis Response Center, and through Philadelphia Behavioral Health System. Contact Mobile Crisis for more information. mobilecrisis@consortium-inc.org.

CONTINUITY OF CARE SPECIALIST. This service provides consumers discharged from psychiatric hospitals and their families, with assistance and support accessing the large number of community services available to them. Significant aspects of the work include consulting with in-patient staff and assisting with discharge planning. Heavy emphasis is placed on linking discharged consumers into needed Consortium programs and other programs of the consumer's choice. To contact the Continuity of Care Specialist, the e-mail is continuity@consortium-inc.org.


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